Portrait photographer Menno Kok earned his educational stripes at the Pratt Intitute in New York (1996) and at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (1997).
Since then he has influenced the editorial front line of Amsterdam and made his mark in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Copenhagen.

Menno’s devotion knows no limits, be it as a curator, father, teacher or photographer. The latter manifests itself in a behavior that is reminiscent of a mad collector. In a self-therapeutic attempt to conquer his cynicism towards his surroundings, Menno tenderly collects tokens of nostalgia. By exhibiting this evidence that “we were here” he contextualizes the popular culture that we have taken for granted and opens our eyes to the mechanics behind it. Be it the wallpaper in an en-route hotel room, abandoned vehicles, or an endless collection of discarded matrasses that catches his eye. By drawing attention to the arbitrary he opens our eyes to the divine. In effect, Menno reveals to us who we are, without necessarily portraying us physically in the image. When portraying people, Menno strives to make an image as opposed to take an image. Paradoxically though, those who have stood before his lens have never before seemed so anonymous, yet omnipresent. So fragile, yet empowered. Then again, as Menno would put it; the camera always, never lies.

Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1992-1997
Pratt Institute Brooklyn New York 1995-1996


Photography / Amsterdam Fashion Institute /2013
Photography masterclass/ portfolio coaching / Kok&Stouwe , 2012-2013
Photography / Foto academie, Amsterdam, 2005 – 2013
Photography workshop / ‘portfolio bash’ / Foac amsterdam, 2009-2012
Photography workshop / ‘mijn wijk mijn trots’ / ISH, 2008
Photography workshop, A.S.L / academie van bouwkunst, 2006-2007
Photography workshop, Compressed space / Imagine i-c, 2004
Masterclass portrait photography, Fotogram, 2004

Expo : Portfolio workshop / Kok&Stouwe , Tobias Asser, Nynke Kouwenhoven, Brechje Tromp, Ananda Pluijm, Wittenplaats, Amsterdam, 2013
Expo : Did you think of me today, Vincent van de Waal, Tattoo Museum Amsterdam, 2012
Expo : We are Void, The March Introduction; Maarten van Schaik,Noortje Schmitt, Meme Bartels, 2012
Expo : We are Void, The February Introduction, Rul3ers & Maarten Alexander, 2012
Expo : Face Forward, Gallerie De lage Flank, Naarden-festival 2011.
Expo : Workshop ‘Portfolio Bash’ , Foto academie, Minibar Amsterdam 2009-2010
Expo : Le Miroir Vivant, , solo Niels Shoe Meulman at Tenue de Nîmes, Amsterdam. 2009
Expo : Calligraffiti, solo Niels Shoe Meulman, Post CS Amsterdam 2007

PLAYBOY, lifestyle magazine, N.L
VICE, lifestyle magazine, NL
BLUE PRINT, design magazine, U.K
LA REPUBBLICA , newspaper, I.T
I-D, fashion magazine, U.K
INTERSECTION, lifestyle magazine, U.K
NEW YORK TIMES, newspaper, U.S.A
WIRED, lifestyle magazine, U.S.A
STYLE & the family tunes, fashion magazine. D.L
DAMN, design magazine, E.U
MARK , architecture magazine, N.L
OPZIJ, womens magazine, N.L
ESQUIRE, lifestyle magazine, N.L
JFK, lifestyle magazine, N.L
GOODIES, lifestyle magazine, N.L
RAILS, lifestyle magazine, N.L
LINK, fashion magazine, N.L
OOR, music magazine, N.L
XLR8R, music magazine, U.S.A
ELLE, fashion magazine, N.L
NYLON, fashion magazine, U.S.A
QUOTE, buisiness magazine, N.L
VOLKSKRANT, newspaper, N.L

2013 Duo expo ,Everyday Mattress, BOEF, Amsterdam
2012 Group show, Y.I.P, auction house Christie’s, Amsterdam
2012 Group show, Y.I.P, Unseen festival, Kunsthuis, Amsterdam
2011 Groupshow, we are void, Void gallery, Amsterdam
2011 Groupshow, l’ego, Fotogram, Amsterdam
2010 Groupshow , Stilleven, Vice Magazine, Amsterdam
2008 Group show: 7m2, PAR31 Gallery, Rotterdam
2007 Duo expo, Menno meets Manon, par31 gallery, Rotterdam
2006 Groupshow, District Q, Amsterdam
2006 Auction,expo, ‘Dead Darlings’, Amsterdam
2006 Auction, aids benefit, ‘wanaisa’ , Amsterdam
2006 Art-project, N.A.M, ARTIS, bituman prod., Amsterdam
2004 Group-show, Kersvers, Amsterdam
2004 Group-show, Amsterdam Photo, Amsterdam
2004 Project Compressed Space, imagine i-c, Amsterdam
2003 Project Equal /Open mind, Amsterdam
2002 Solo exhibition, wolvenstraat, Amsterdam
2001 Group show, Nel-agency, E-werk, Berlin
2000 Group show, Nel-agency, gallery ‘Speak for’, Tokyo
1999 Group show, Nel-agency, Milk studio’s, New York
1998 Group show, Gallery Maria Marella Contemporanea , Milano
1997 Noorderlicht Festival, Groningen
1996 Groupshow Rietveld academy, gallery 2.5/4.5, Amsterdam

2012 Philips lifestyle, Postpanic
2012 Xofa, Buro van ons
2011 2Takt, Undog
2010 Rozentheather , Likeminds
2010 Toyota , Reason Why
2010 Mercedes / Pink Ribbon, FHV.
2009 Gi-unit, Dog & Pony
2009 Kassys, Hotel Int.
2008 K3l, intens, advertisement
2007 Delta Lloyd, lowe, advertisement
2007 LNV, Dumbar, stock
2007 IBM, Tmpw, advertisement
2007 Eager films, Dog & Pony
2007 Algemeen Dagblad, Het Stormt, advertisement
2006 Sissyboy, catalogue, spring/summer 2007
2006 Nederlands Restauratie Fonds, Intens, advertisement
2006 UN studio, bunker project
2006 Sissyboy, catalogue, fall/winter 2006
2004 Clockwork,, internet
2004 Dommelsch, lemon scented tea, advertisement
2003 Umbro, unruly, advertisement
2003 Abn Amro, design politie, magazine
2002 Randstad, fhv/bbdo, catalogue
2001 Albert Heijn, fhv/bbdo, advertisement
2001 Tommy Hillfiger
2000 Kpn, catalogue
2000 Footlocker,FHV BBDO
2000 Corel, cataloque
2000 Drum expo, fhv/bbdo
2000 Randstad, photo collective
1999 Pepe jeans, catalogue

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